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No matter what plan you choose Big Brother will inspect all elements of the home listed below:

Operation & Condition of all kitchen appliances

Run water in all faucets

Flush all toilets

Check operation of dishwater

Check operation of furnace/air conditioner

Regularly change furnace filters as needed (Filters provided by Owner) 

Check the condition of all windows & screens

Ensure that all exterior doors & windows remain locked

Examine for any visible bugs

Check the general cleanliness of interior of home

If home will be vacant for an extended period, shut off main water valve and place AC at higher temp

Operation & Condition of irrigation system

Operation & Condition of Golf Cart if applicable

Condition of roof(Ground View Only)

Condition of Lawn & Sidewalks

Condition of Driveway & Sidewalks

Condition of Garage Door

Examine for any visible bugs

General Cleanliness of home's exterior

Send Pics of Landscaping & Exterior to Owner

Inspection Bi Weekly


We will inspect your home Bi Weekly and send you picture and video updates

We will inspect your home every week and send you picture and video updates

Inspection Every Week


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